David Yelle started as a groundsman for Syracuse Rigging in 1973. As he quickly worked his way up to leadership roles with his self-motivation, outside the box thinking and integrity, he started to realize there was a lack of "customer first" thinking with an emphasis on "Value Engineering" to help the overall project bottom line as well as the back end schedule. This was to be accomplished with attention to detail and experience from design to completion.

What had begun as a small one-man operation focused on project management in the bridge rehab and design-build line of work had quickly flourished into a demand that one man could not keep up with. Dave started to find and bring on employees teaching them Rochester Structural's way of thinking and his workload continued to expand into the structural and miscellaneous metals fabrication/erection company it is today. Rochester Structural's reputation has helped it become one of the most sought after Fabrication and Erection companies across the country and has operated almost exclusively off repeat clients which included receiving several contracts directly from customers like Kodak, Xerox, World Kitchen, Corning Inc and others.

At the turn of the century Dave was already ahead of the times when it came to cutting edge technology. Whether it was programming a custom tailored estimating program or working on moving the construction industry into the digital world, you name it he was a part of it. Right around that time Dave jumped on board with 3D Modeling and started a detailing firm overseas in England where they were years ahead of the United States. His company worked with Stru-CAD and the lead detailer was a large part of the movement, being flown to the Stru-CAD's headquarters every year to work side by side with the Engineers, Programmers and developers helping problem solve, increase productivity and workflow as it related to actual work experience.     

In 2011 a plan was in place to continue the legacy that was created and a second generation had begun to work side by side with Dave learning the day-to-day operations along with the ins and outs of the business. Coming from years of Field and Shop experience Justin took the ropes over for Dave in 2016 continuing on the same principles and values as the day the company opened. In 2018 Justin Yelle and Pete Romanyk purchased Rochester Structural and the two of them continue to put an emphasis on Safety, Customer Satisfaction and Schedule through managing the 3 "P"s. (People, Process & Product)

Today the company has reached a historic low .81 EMR through constant training and a safe culture. Rochester Structural has doubled its annual sales by maximizing the process, investing in CNC equipment, continuing to invest in technology and constant training. We continue to build and enhance our relationships in the industry. Customers that choose Rochester Structural are choosing a partner not a subcontractor.